10-Speed Revolution

written by John Heimbuch
directed by Amy Rummenie
with additional material by Sam Rodgers

August 6 - 12, 2005

The Minnesota Fringe Festival
at the Brave New Workshop

August 20 - 29, 2005

Bryant-Lake Bowl

When their bicycle is stolen, three young anarchists hammer through Minneapolis fighting mercenaries, the city council, and nefarious corporations in their relentless quest to create a city-wide bicycle collective. With a score of local music and an acerbic wit, this fast-paced comedy of destruction depicts Minneapolis at its violent, dangerous, and vulgar best. Where will you be when the revolution comes?




jake Sasha Andreev director Amy Rummenie
anna Sheila Franklin stage manager Lillian Tillson
max Joseph Bombard costumes Cesia Kearns
the roadie Joshua Larson lights Peter W. Mitchell
    technical direction David Pisa
    music coordinator John Heimbuch
    set construction Dan Norman
    scenic painting Angelique Powers
    choreography Tracy Vacura
    publicity photo Christopher Bowlsby
    production photos Shannon Hady

Costume design sketches by Cesia Kearns


Production Images (by Shannon Hady)

Production History

Walking Shadow Theatre Company

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