1926 Pleasant

directed by Amy Rummenie
puzzles by David Pisa

August 3 - 13, 2006

The 1926 Condos

Billed as a theatrical puzzle game in a new home with a long-forgotten history, 1926 Pleasant was an experimental theatre piece in which the audience discovered clues and solved puzzles that moved the action of the story forward. 1926 Pleasant had a tremendously successful run at The Minnesota Fringe Festival, selling out 18 of its 20 performances.

"It's a puzzle -- literally. And you get to help put it together. There are two threads and many pieces to this intriguing, enigmatic trip through an unfinished condo at 1926 Pleasant Av. S. One part of the ghost story has the audience putting together large boxes, small clues and scraps of paper in search of a mystery. The other strain follows two actors who are playing out the increasingly spooky and macabre aftermath of a long-ago fire in this building. And what's with all the owls?"

- Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

Click here for a complete Puzzle-by-Puzzle walkthrough




edward John Heimbuch concept and story Amy Rummenie
grace Cherri Macht   David Pisa
owl/girl Liz Schwartzrock puzzle design David Pisa
  Nadia Hulett direction Amy Rummenie
    production assistant
Liz Schwartzrock
    story collaborators Cherri Macht
      John Heimbuch
    photography Dan Norman
    illustrations Kirsten Sevig

Production Images (by Dan Norman)

Production History

Walking Shadow Theatre Company

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