What's with that title?

Because we know you were wondering: the provocative phrase "The Sexual Life of Savages" is taken from the title of an early 20th century anthropological book about the South Pacific islanders of Melanesia.

The play itself is set in the United States today, and instead of examining remote tribes, serves as a kind of darkly hilarious anthropology of ourselves.

Playwright Ian MacAllister-McDonald picks up on the book's fascinating idea that, regardless of culture, how we act is a balance between our individual desires and our society's moral principles: "the compromise between rule and impulse." Especially when it comes to sex, nobody can ignore their primal inclinations.

In the play, Jean has had way more sex than Hal expected, while Hal has had way less sex than his friends expected. Everyone in the story is a little different from what everyone else assumes they are -- but Hal doesn't have time to worry about that: he just needs to figure out what to do about his own relationship. You can bet it'll be funny, awkward, and ultimately an honest and important look at this most intimate part of our lives.

Production History

Walking Shadow Theatre Company

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