Nazis invade the UK!

In June of 1940, the British government decided that Guernsey and the other Channel Islands were of no strategic importance. They pulled their troops from the region, saying the islands would probably be safer without the military to attract the Germans' notice. The islands then began to evacuate who they could, children first. 

Since the Germans didn't immediately realize the islands were demilitarized, they approached with caution, sending reconnaissance planes and even bombing the harbor of St. Peter Port (killing 34 civilians and destroying several suspicious trucks full of tomatoes). 

Receiving no return fire, the Germans had a single pilot make a test landing on Guernsey's deserted airfield. Shortly afterwards, a platoon of Luftwaffe soldiers arrived and took over the islands, giving the Germans a propaganda victory of winning British territory "without firing a single shot."


Gabriel by Moira Buffini
September 26 - October 11, 2014
Minneapolis Theatre Garage


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