The Coward

Written by Nick Jones
Directed by Amy Rummenie 

Coward horizontal image

Lucidus is a bloody coward. After being compelled by his overbearing father to defend the family name, he challenges an unsuspecting gentleman to a duel. This is Lucidus' first mistake. Terrified and squeamish, he hires a thug to fight in his place. This is Lucidus' second mistake. He'll make more. A lot more. The Coward is a manly comedy about manly honor… played by a company of women.

This production contains adult language, violence, gunfire and blood.

February 6 - 28, 2015

Red Eye Theater
15 West 14th Street, Minneapolis MN 55403



Lucidus Culling Briana Patnode Director Amy Rummenie
Nathaniel Culling Jean Wolff Set Eli Schlatter
Gavin Klaff Suzie Juul Costumes Sara Wilcox
Robert Blithe
Shelby Rose Richardson Asst. Costumer Jessica Bell
Henry Blaine Charlotte Calvert Lighting Jesse Cogswell
Isabelle Dupree Chase Burns  Sound Michael Croswell
Earl of Dorchester Debra Berger Props Abbee Warmboe
+ Finn   Blood Design
Tyler Olsen
+ King's Messenger     RawRedMeat Productions
Derek Lanley Suzanne Victoria Cross Blood Assistant Theresa Purcell
+ Egbert the Bartender   Fight Choreographer Meredith Larson
Friedmont the Butler Linda Sue Anderson Dialect Coach Keely Wolter
 + Old Man   Stage Manager Sarah Holmberg
    Asst. Stage Manager Karina Grimaldi
    Asst. Director Jesica Springer


Pistol photo courtesy of Rama, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr. 

Butterfly photo courtesy of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos.

Production History

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