written and directed by John Heimbuch
adapted from the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker

Drakul by John Heimbuch, feat. Melissa Anne MurphyDrakul by John Heimbuch, feat. Charles Hubbell and Melissa Anne MurphyDrakul by John Heimbuch, feat. Ian Miller

February 11 - 26, 2011

Red Eye Theatre

Under the electric lights of London, Mina is enamored of a handsome young solicitor. But when Jonathan disappears on a business trip and Mina is approached by an alluring foreign prince, a shadow falls over their lives. Now, seven years since the defeat of the vampire, the wounds of betrayal remain... until their private journals are published under the name "Bram Stoker" and they must either face the past or be destroyed by it.




prince vlad drakul Charles Hubbell writer/director John Heimbuch
mr. jonathan harker, esq. Ian Miller set Steve Kath
mrs. mina harker Melissa Anne Murphy costumes E. Amy Hill
dr. john seward Wade Vaughn lighting Logan Jambik
the hon. arthur holmwood Keith Prusak sound/music Tim Cameron
mr. quincey morris Erik Hoover props Kristen Larsen
dr. abraham van helsing Alan Sorenson stage manager Sarah Holmberg
miss lucy westenra Joanna Harmon dramaturg Justin Alexander
mr. r.m. renfield, esq. Sam Landman dialect coach Mira Kehoe
szgany, dark lady, etc. Kelly Bancroft fight choreographers Brian Hesser
szgany, dark lady, etc. Jennifer Probst   Amie Root
szgany, butler, etc. Philip D. Henry dance choreographer Tracy Vacura
    firearm expert Richard Eue
    assistant director Maya LeBeau
    lighting assistant Bronwen Marshall-Bass
    romanian lang. coach Oana Zayic
    portrait photos Elise Radtke-Rosen
    production photos Dan Norman

Character Portraiture (by Elise Radtke-Rosen)


Production Images (by Dan Norman)


This activity funded, in part, by the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Production History

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