written by Moira Buffini
directed by Amy Rummenie

Gabriel horizontal image

A tiny, rocky island in the middle of the English Channel. A bitter winter night, two years into the German occupation. A young girl calls on ancient fairy magic, and a beautiful, naked young man washes up on the mine-filled Guernsey beach. Is he an English pilot? Or a Nazi officer? For the women who found him, Gabriel could either be their savior, or the biggest danger they've ever met.

Winner of a 2015 IVEY Award for Overall Excellence!

September 26 - October 11, 2014

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 W Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405




jeanne Katherine Kupiecki director Amy Rummenie
lily Miriam Schwartz set Steve Kath
estelle Lily Wangerin costumes Sara Wilcox
Janet Paone lighting Tony Stoeri
gabriel Ross Destiche sound Anita Kelling
von pfunz
Wade A. Vaughn props Robert "Bobbie" Smith
    fight choreographer Meredith Larson
    dialect coach
Keely Wolter
    stage manager
Nicole Rodriguez
    asst. stage manager
Vanessa Horrocks
    asst. director Lucas Skjaret
    german consultant 
Ari Hoptman
    blood effects 
Tyler Olson




Production History

Walking Shadow Theatre Company

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