The Three Musketeers

written by John Heimbuch
directed by Amy Rummenie

musketeers square 450

presented by the Guthrie Theater

May 9 - 25, 2014

Dowling Studio, Guthrie Theater
818 South 2nd St, Minneapolis MN 55415

D'Artagnan yearns to join the King's Musketeers. But will his sharp sword and quick wit let him survive Paris' treacherous labyrinth of gossip, slander, intrigue, and duels? When a favor for the Queen's handmaiden brings d'Artagnan afoul of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu, the daring youth befriends three Musketeers. Together, they fight to defend the Queen's honor and save the lady d'Artagnan loves -- but an intriguing woman known as "Milady" has other plans for them.




Bryan Daniel Porter director Amy Rummenie
Shad Cooper writer John Heimbuch
porthos Nate Cheeseman set Joseph Stanley
Ross Destiche costumes E. Amy Hill
Anna Hickey lighting Karin Olson
Aeysha Kinnunen sound/music Michael Croswell
Casey Hoekstra props Seán McArdle
anne Meredith Larson fight choreographer
David P. Schneider
richelieu Tony Brown asst. fight choreographer
Mike Lubke
treville Dan Hopman stage manager
Sarah Holmberg
    asst. stage manager
Nicole Rodriguez
     asst. director Callie Meiners
     dialect coach Keely Wolter

Promotional image by Dan Norman, featuring Meredith Larson.

Production Images (by Dan Norman)




Production History

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