Robots vs. Fake Robots

written by David Largman Murray
directed by Steve Moulds

Robots vs. Fake Robots by David Largman Murray

June 12 - 27, 2009

People's Center Theater

It is the year 6000. All organic life has been destroyed except for a handful of humans. The world is ruled by ultra-sexy Robots who are mysterious, immortal, and ultra-sexy. Humans want to be like them, and this is sad. Some humans dress up like Robots, and some humans would give anything to become one. Half twisted comedy and half science-fiction fantasia, this new play is filled with desire, betrayal and ultra-sexy Robot dance.



joe John Catron director Steve Moulds
sammy Lindsay Marcy set Andrea Heilman
kneepad Nathan Surprenant costumes Andrea M. Gross
garlic press Jennifer Phillips lighting Peter W. Mitchell
nintendo 64 Ryan Lindberg sound Montana Johnson
shoehorn Ariel Dumas props & stage manager Sarah Holmberg
morse code Matt Rein lighting assistant Willson Borchert
war propaganda Zoe Benston costume sketches Cesia Kearns
cranberries cd Melissa Anne Murphy publicity art Lemuel Pew
neckbrace Seth Patterson choreography Ariel Dumas
    magic consultant Star Michaelina
    promo video director Ben Thietje
    promo video script John Heimbuch
    photography Dan Norman

Production Images (by Dan Norman)


Promotional Videos (by Ben Thietje and John Heimbuch)

Production History

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