story and puzzles by David Pisa
directed by Amy Rummenie

Saboteur by David Pisa

July 9 - August 3, 2011

"Universal Hydro Solutions"
2010 East Hennepin Ave

An explosive summer event with a suspicious man, a woman with a secret identity, and a relationship full of traps. Play along in a dangerous story of espionage and romance combining theatrical elements and unique hands-on scenes. Discover the clues. Solve the puzzles. Unfold the mystery.

Saboteur was a live performance in which the audience participated in the action of the show by doing large-scale, hands-on puzzles.

Click here for a complete Puzzle-by-Puzzle walkthrough




the coordinator Jennifer Probst puzzles and story David Pisa
mr. brinsley Aayush Chandan performance direction Amy Rummenie
ms. melville Emma Gochberg additional writing John Heimbuch
      Amy Rummenie


technical director David Pisa

Keith Prusak, Brian O'Neal,

electrical engineer Jacqueline Wegschied

John Heimbuch & Amy Rummenie

soundscape Montana Johnson
    video direction John Heimbuch


carpenters Steve Kath
 the ruritanian agent Bruce Abas   Willson Borchert
his associates Ben Layne   Adam Anderson
  Andrew Northrop scenic painting Jennifer Walker


  Jennifer Probst

Heather Baldwin, Christopher Bauleke, Emily Burton,

electrician Helen Wegschied

Amelia English, Brandon Ewald, Patrick Farrell,

site crew Jennifer Probst

Larissa Gritti, Clint Hayden, Molly Hayden,

Bruce Abas

Punnarith Koy, Punnavith Koy,

photographer Dan Norman

Mark Schanzenbach & Jason Waye

from The Rivals by Richard B. Sheridan

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