Seventy Scenes of Halloween

written by Jeffrey M. Jones
directed by John Heimbuch

October 13 - 28, 2006

Old Arizona Studio

Jeff and Joan live beneath a veneer of suburban bliss. When Trick-or-Treaters knock and their home threatens to dissolve into inexplicable horror, they must fight for their lives against the sinister forces of All Hallows Eve ... and each other. But first they have to find the Kandy Korn.



jeff Ben Thietje director John Heimbuch
joan Zoe Benston set John Clark Donahue
beast Craig Anderson costumes Cesia Kearns
witch Noe Tallen props Amy Rummenie
    lighting Paul Epton
 backstage ghost Jessie Shelton sound Montana Johnson
 doorbell Fletcher Hirom stage manager Fletcher Hirom
    photography Christopher Bowlsby
    sound board operator Lemuel Pew
    technical director
David Pisa

Production Images (by Christopher Bowlsby)


Scenic design model & set

Production History

Walking Shadow Theatre Company

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